One-click payments
Mass payouts
Personal manager
Online analytics and reports
User-friendly personal account

Detailed payment analytics soon

You will have all key information on one dashboard. Track the dynamics of sales, account balance, the number of successful payments and refunds.

100% payment conversion and payment security

GG Bank's antifraud system checks all transactions in real time according to over 200 rules and prevents fraudulent operations.
Always successful payments
The average market conversion is 70%. We guarantee 100% payment conversion within the GG Bank system.

GG ID: unique user ID

We will check the payer according to the KYC standards. And when the user replenishes their account on your site, we will transfer you their verification status.
Quick player onboarding
Compliance with KYC requirements
No unnecessary checks

How GG ID works

The player joins GG Bank and goes through the verification process
Moves to your website, signs up, replenishes their account through GG
GG sends you the verification status of this player
You create an account for the user faster and more conveniently

Flexible rates: no registration fees and additional commissions

At GG Bank, we form payment commissions for each client separately. We take into account the turnover, business footprint and its scope of activity. Based on this data, we provide every customer with an individual pricing plan.
Find out the pricing plan for your project

Why is it profitable to accept
payments with GG Bank

With GG Bank
  • 100% payment conversion
  • Instant crediting to users’ accounts
  • Commission for accepting payments – from 3%
  • Money transfers to GG accounts without commissions
  • 0% rolling reserve for returns
With other providers
  • Average conversion – 70%
  • Players wait up to 3 days
  • High commission – on average 5% and more
  • Standard commission – 2%
  • Average market commission – up to 10% from monthly payments

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